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Photokina is one of the photography industry’s largest trade shows, and most camera manufacturers lead up to the event with a slew of product announcements. This year is no different. Check out the unfolding coverage at DP Review. Some highlights: Canon Digital Rebel XTi. The successor to the excellent and popular Canon Digital Rebel XT. The […]


Functional programming is the conflation of several interesting and useful ideas, but to me, the big lesson mainstream programmers need to (and can fairly easily) learn from FP is closures. Closures have been around approximately forever and their merits are unquestioned among programming language geeks and Comp Sci nerds, but the proverbial “average programmer” still has […]

The Windows Live Writer community has really done a great job of diving in and making some cool plugins. Pretty soon we’ll launch our own space on Windows Live Gallery for developers to showcase their Writer plugins. Spike has put up a post on our (new) official blog for plugin developers detailing the process for getting […]

We don’t have a page up yet that tracks the different bumps you may encounter on the road to blogging bliss; there are lots of different blogging platforms out there and infinite varieties of configurations, and we don’t always work perfectly (or even work at all) with every one of them. Here are some known […]

(via ScottGu) Keyvan gives a nice intro to writing plugins in C#. (I still recommend reading the official docs before you set off building your own, though!) Today Jayson and I were chatting about lack of Currently Playing song functionality in Live Writer (it’s one of cool features in BlogMl and W.Bloggar) and decided to have […]

Wow. This is pretty nice… simple, but I am finding it surprisingly useful. Good thinking, Jason!

Hi Dennis, I’m blogging about chocolate. Vosges makes the most intense, most exotic, most ostentatious truffles you are likely to see this side of the Atlantic. Just check out these ridiculous flavors. If you prefer a little ginger-and-wasabi cream in your dark chocolate, with a heaping of pretension on the side, Vosges has your fix. […]

The first three plugins (that I know of) have landed! From Tim, Flickr and tagging plugins. From Jason, Currently Listening (insert info about the current track you’re listening to in Windows Media Player). Pretty cool stuff!

A couple of folks have asked, in blog posts and comments, why Windows Live Writer doesn’t look more like Word 2007 with its ribbon interface. As far as I know, the ribbon interface is exclusive to Office 2007 so far. Not even Vista has any ribbons built in. If anything, we should be adopting the look of […]

I slept in this morning and woke up to find that the product we’ve been working on, Windows Live Writer, was revealed a day early due to word leaking out about it. The blogosphere is starting to talk about it but at this writing it’s still early yet. We had this project simmering on a […]