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12 seconds!?


Now that he’s taken delivery, Scott Hanselman is bragging about his tiny god: Previous 3Ghz P4 Bootup Time from after POST to Desktop: 48 seconds. Current Quad Bootup Time from after POST to Desktop: 12 seconds. He also mentions that he’s gone x64, and it’s been a “total non-event”. Ditto here. Two weeks ago I […]




For at least four years now, I’ve been meaning to write a series of blog posts about building your own PC. Luckily, Jeff Atwood has done such a ridiculously great job of it that I don’t have to. Building a PC, Part I Building a PC, Part II Building a PC, Part III Building a […]

Quad-core for $299! If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your computer, now is the time! Update: MWave has it for $275! It’s madness I tell you! Update 2: As of July 24, NewEgg’s price has gone back to $375, at least for now… strange…

My parents are good sports. For my birthday this year, they were going to buy me an Xbox wireless steering wheel but I asked them to change it to a Corsair 520HX power supply (for my computer). Both are products that are essentially meaningless to them, but such is their love for me that they […]