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On Monday, Canon one-upped the Nikon D200 with their EOS 40D. Today, Nikon strikes back with the D300. At $1800, it’s even more expensive than the D200, but it packs even more bang for the buck. Ken Rockwell offers his usual opinionated and useful analysis. But the really big news is Nikon’s new flagship pro […]


My parents are good sports. For my birthday this year, they were going to buy me an Xbox wireless steering wheel but I asked them to change it to a Corsair 520HX power supply (for my computer). Both are products that are essentially meaningless to them, but such is their love for me that they […]

Apple iPhone


I think there’s a lot we won’t know about the iPhone until June when they start showing up in stores and we can all try it for ourselves. Too much is too new for us to judge it from reality-distortion-field demos and well-lit photos from Apple’s legendary marketing department. But I just couldn’t let this day […]

Isn’t that adorable… DSLRs have gone Fun Size. Unfortunately this one’s not coming to North America… I guess our giant American hands are too big to handle this wee camera. Read: Olympus E-400: Digital Photography Review

Amy and I bought our first DSLR, a Nikon D70, about a year and a half ago and we’ve both had such a good time taking pictures and learning about photography. Overall, the D70 has been a wonderful tool for us. Like most of today’s DSLRs, it has no startup time and no shutter lag, […]