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I love photography. And I’m not afraid to admit that I also love photo gear. My family has long since figured that out, and I recently celebrated a milestone birthday (hint: it begins with a 3). Bring on the glass! My brother surprised me with a Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8. So far, I’m thrilled with this […]


I recently realized that this blog has become little more than a place for Windows Live Writer announcements and tips. The last seventeen posts—I just counted—have been about Writer. While I’m happy to share this information, I didn’t start this blog to be just a Writer knowledge base and news page. I started it because […]

Several users in the Windows Live Writer forums have reported seeing “Error 400: Bad Request” when publishing to Blogger with images: This happens when some values are missing from your Windows registry—specifically, the content types of .jpg, .gif, and/or .png extensions. I don’t know exactly how they are getting removed, but it’s almost certainly a […]

Update 7/30/2008: Added more steps to the instructions to get Firefox to re-read install.rdf. Since the first release of Windows Live Writer, we’ve had a Blog This add-on for Firefox. Currently it’s marked as compatible with Firefox 1.5-2.0, which means beta versions of Firefox 3 won’t load it. Turns out it works fine with Firefox […]

We just released another patch for Windows Live Writer, via Microsoft Update. This one mainly benefits Blogger users who upload images to Picasa (which is the default setting). The full details are in KB951125, but the important points for most Writer+Blogger users are: Clicking a thumbnail image no longer pops up a file download dialog […]