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Update Oct 3 2006: New version released (build 145), Blogger Beta “just works” without any of the shenanigans below. Thanks for your patience, everyone. As a number of users have pointed out, Blogger Beta support is currently broken, even in the new Writer build. Apparently the Blogger guys revved their site after we completed testing. Ah […]


Several new Windows Live Writer related goodies went live today. First up is a refresh of Writer itself. This is a relatively minor update, small enough that we didn’t feel comfortable calling it Beta 2. The main features we added were built-in tagging and support for Blogger Beta. However we did fix quite a few […]

Isn’t that adorable… DSLRs have gone Fun Size. Unfortunately this one’s not coming to North America… I guess our giant American hands are too big to handle this wee camera. Read: Olympus E-400: Digital Photography Review

Apparently the Ruby (and one must assume, Rails) hype has not fallen on deaf ears over at Sun HQ. They’ve hired the core JRuby developers to work on JRuby: The primary goal is to give JRuby the attention it really needs. The potential for Ruby on the JVM has not escaped notice at Sun, and […]