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On Monday, Canon one-upped the Nikon D200 with their EOS 40D. Today, Nikon strikes back with the D300. At $1800, it’s even more expensive than the D200, but it packs even more bang for the buck. Ken Rockwell offers his usual opinionated and useful analysis. But the really big news is Nikon’s new flagship pro […]

(Update 8/25: Changed the example scenario slightly.) Inspired by Beautiful Code, which I just started reading yesterday, I’ve decided to post some beautiful code of my own. Specifically, I’d like to show off some of the fancy features of C# 3.0, and explain why they’re good for much more than just LINQ. What’s a Schwartzian […]



The previous blog entry on this blog is entitled “Firefox Extension: Blog This to Windows Live Writer”. Tim noticed that the slug said “future-post” and was nice enough to e-mail me asking if I actually meant to post it. No, I did not. I wrote this blog post about a year ago but for whatever […]

Update: I’m a dumbass, followup post coming shortly. This information was well out of date–I’ve made corrections inline. Windows Live Writer has a pretty sweet Blog This capability in IE if you install Windows Live Toolbar. [Update: Since late 2006 Windows Live Writer provides a Blog This button in IE without requiring Windows Live Toolbar.] […]

I’ve just released my first (publicly available) Windows Live Writer plugin: Dynamic Template. It lets you write mini-plugins from snippets of C# and HTML, and reuse them within Windows Live Writer. “Huh?” Well, just watch this 45-second screencast and see for yourself; find out more; then go download. I don’t expect a lot of people […]

Sure, there have been Notepad replacements for years–TextPad, EditPlus, Notepad2, etc. I even tried emacs for a while. Somehow, none of those ever “felt” right to me. Sorry, I wish I could put my finger on it. TextMate on OS X came close, but try as I might I could never get used to Mac-style […]

I spent most of yesterday and today participating in the virtual (online-only) Atom interop event. You can see (and attempt to decipher) the results here. Windows Live Writer comes out sitting pretty! All of the servers I was able to try worked great (although a bug fix or two needed to be made along the […]