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OEM versions of Vista have started to show up at online retailers like NewEgg, ZipZoomFly, and Micro Center. Vista Ultimate OEM is going for $199 while Home Premium is $119. They all show them as “In Stock”, which seems to indicate they will ship them right away despite the fact that the retail version of […]


Apple iPhone


I think there’s a lot we won’t know about the iPhone until June when they start showing up in stores and we can all try it for ourselves. Too much is too new for us to judge it from reality-distortion-field demos and well-lit photos from Apple’s legendary marketing department. But I just couldn’t let this day […]

Writer FAQs


This is not an attempt to establish an official Windows Live Writer FAQ, just thought I’d talk to some of the questions that keep coming up lately. Q. Why won’t Writer let me upload images to my Blogger account? A. Blogger currently doesn’t expose any image upload functionality to third-party tools like ours. This is […]