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Update (May 1, 2012): According to commenter Ethan Cane, these steps are no longer necessary. You should be able to directly transfer your .pem file to Panic Prompt using iTunes File Sharing. The below info is for historical purposes only. Yesterday, Panic introduced Prompt, an SSH client for iOS. It took a little trial and […]


I recently realized that this blog has become little more than a place for Windows Live Writer announcements and tips. The last seventeen posts—I just counted—have been about Writer. While I’m happy to share this information, I didn’t start this blog to be just a Writer knowledge base and news page. I started it because […]

Update: I’m a dumbass, followup post coming shortly. This information was well out of date–I’ve made corrections inline. Windows Live Writer has a pretty sweet Blog This capability in IE if you install Windows Live Toolbar. [Update: Since late 2006 Windows Live Writer provides a Blog This button in IE without requiring Windows Live Toolbar.] […]

Hanselman joins Microsoft! If you trust me, you know that I’m not evil, and that I’m going to Microsoft in order to bring additional trust into the relationship between developer and platform. There needs to be a sense of stewardship and a deep valuing of the trust that developers put into their tools. I’m glad […]

Froogle => Google Product Search. How very Microsoftian of them. “This rebranding is long overdue. Nobody really understood what Froogle was,” said Greg Sterling, principal of consultancy Sterling Market Intelligence. “And it reflects a transition of the company from one that had a whimsical attitude about its products to one that’s more serious about itself […]

OEM versions of Vista have started to show up at online retailers like NewEgg, ZipZoomFly, and Micro Center. Vista Ultimate OEM is going for $199 while Home Premium is $119. They all show them as “In Stock”, which seems to indicate they will ship them right away despite the fact that the retail version of […]

Writer FAQs


This is not an attempt to establish an official Windows Live Writer FAQ, just thought I’d talk to some of the questions that keep coming up lately. Q. Why won’t Writer let me upload images to my Blogger account? A. Blogger currently doesn’t expose any image upload functionality to third-party tools like ours. This is […]

Gary Flake‘s team has released Photosynth to the public for the first time. I haven’t tried this latest build but I have played around with earlier Microsoft-internal builds, and yes, it is as cool as it looks in the videos.

This week, Telligent (the company behind Community Server) unveiled BlogMailr, a free service that lets you turn e-mails into blog posts. When you set up a BlogMailr account, they tell you a special e-mail address that will take any e-mail you send it and post it up to your blog as a new entry. You […]

Apparently the Ruby (and one must assume, Rails) hype has not fallen on deaf ears over at Sun HQ. They’ve hired the core JRuby developers to work on JRuby: The primary goal is to give JRuby the attention it really needs. The potential for Ruby on the JVM has not escaped notice at Sun, and […]