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Scott Lovegrove has a nice recap of the posts he’s made about developing Windows Live Writer plugins. Taken all together, they make a nice introduction for anyone trying to get started with plugin developement. Read

WordPress 2.3.1 was just released. It includes all the necessary code to get the Keywords (Tags) field to appear in Windows Live Writer–no registry twiddling or additional uploading necessary! (via Joseph Scott)

My post on autodiscovery covered how Windows Live Writer decides which protocol to use, and how it finds the service document. Service documents can contain multiple collections; I didn’t mention how Writer decides which collection to use. Blog Post Collections Here’s how Writer decides what collection to use for blog posts. First, Writer filters down […]


As requested by Scott, here’s the code to QuickTimer. public struct QuickTimer : IDisposable { private readonly DateTime start; private readonly string label; public QuickTimer(string label) { this.start = DateTime.UtcNow; this.label = label; } void IDisposable.Dispose() { DateTime end = DateTime.UtcNow; Console.WriteLine(“QuickTimer: {0} ({1} ms)”, label, (end – start).TotalMilliseconds); } } Note that DateTime.UtcNow is […]

Summary: Use Basic, Digest, or X-WSSE over HTTP or HTTPS (with a valid, signed certificate), and we should be fine. For AtomPub, Windows Live Writer uses regular RFC2617 HTTP authentication. We make an initial request without credentials, and expect the server to return a 401 response code if required. We do not preauthenticate. At least […]

When things are working properly, Windows Live Writer only requires the user to know three pieces of information to configure a blog: the blog homepage URL, the username, and the password. Even the most novice bloggers should be able to answer those questions, and there’s no technical reason why we should ask more of anyone. […]

I’m starting a (hopefully short) series of blog posts documenting the specifics of how the upcoming AtomPub-enabled release of Windows Live Writer will behave, and what AtomPub-enabled blog* servers can do to ensure the best interop with us. I also hope other blog client implementers can learn from our experience and consider using the same […]

Scott linked to my previous post on the Schwartzian Transform. Not long after, Randal L. Schwartz himself (!!) drops by with a comment: Wow. Interesting to see how different it looks in C#. Of course, I think the original in Perl still looks the most elegant. As if response, Elton Wells comes up with an […]

The Atom Publishing Protocol is done! (So nice to finally be able to write that sentence with no asterisk or qualifiers.) RFC 5023: The Atom Publishing Protocol Congrats to Joe, Bill, Tim, Paul, and all the members of the AtomPub working group who spent so much time over the last few years working on this. […]

Ben Hall has posted a good series on developing plugins for Windows Live Writer. Lots of practical tips here, including how to use Visual Studio to create an MSI-based installer for your plugin (which is a prerequisite for getting onto the Gallery).