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I’m hoping Google users will find this post if they search for the following Windows Live Writer error message: An unexpected error has occurred while attempting to log in: Blog Server Error – Server Error -32700 Occurred parse error. not well formed A malformed XML-RPC request can cause this error, but I don’t know of […]


There’s an issue that will bite you, hard, if you have a * blog that you post images to using Windows Live Writer, and then later take that blog to a domain (either by opting for the FTP publishing option, or through Blogger’s own custom domain hosting). You’ll find that all images that were […]

Rick Strahl just posted a new plugin for pasting source code from Visual Studio. If you’ve tried to paste from Visual Studio into Writer before, you’ve no doubt noticed that all the coloring gets stripped. Visual Studio puts plain text and RTF on the clipboard; only the RTF version has the coloring information, and alas, […]