Another "Insert from Visual Studio" Plugin


Rick Strahl just posted a new plugin for pasting source code from Visual Studio. If you’ve tried to paste from Visual Studio into Writer before, you’ve no doubt noticed that all the coloring gets stripped. Visual Studio puts plain text and RTF on the clipboard; only the RTF version has the coloring information, and alas, Writer doesn’t know how to import RTF.

Anyway, Rick’s version one-ups Douglas Stockwell’s plugin by removing excess leading indentation–a nice touch. (Update 1/6/2008: Turns out Douglas one-upped himself by adding the same feature last November.)

Hey Rick, it’s nice that you distribute the source, but how about a binary distribution too, for us lazy types? 🙂

2 Responses to “Another "Insert from Visual Studio" Plugin”

  1. Hey Joe,

    Ooops – I had forgotten that I had the project output written into the live writer plug-ins path so there’s no local copy in the bin folder.

    I’ve updated the zip file and included the compiled DLL…

  2. Actually… I updated my plugin in November to do exactly that 😉

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