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Last night, Microsoft announced some of the APIs that are coming for Windows Live. Most interestingly, AtomPub will be the foundation of most of the Windows Live APIs going forward. Tim recently asked what happened to Web3S. Well, now you know. AtomPub won. More commentary available from Dare. (In case there’s a messed-up character in […]


Normal view?


Some of us on the Windows Live Writer team have been debating some tweaks to the UI, and a question has come up that we’re not sure we know the answer to. Do you use Normal view, and if so, what for? Better yet, does anyone out there use both Normal and Web Layout views […]

A couple of months ago, some users on the Windows Live Writer forum reported that whenever future publish dates were used, the post would be held until the correct date but the incorrect time. If your time zone was GMT -8, the post wouldn’t appear until 8 hours after your desired time. (And yikes–if you […]