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It’s great to see all the cool stuff pouring out from the other parts of Microsoft. I don’t know whether it’s on purpose or by accident, but November seems to be a huge month for us. Just look at all the stuff going on: Windows Vista RTM I have been running Vista RTM on my […]


Gary Flake‘s team has released Photosynth to the public for the first time. I haven’t tried this latest build but I have played around with earlier Microsoft-internal builds, and yes, it is as cool as it looks in the videos.

This week, Telligent (the company behind Community Server) unveiled BlogMailr, a free service that lets you turn e-mails into blog posts. When you set up a BlogMailr account, they tell you a special e-mail address that will take any e-mail you send it and post it up to your blog as a new entry. You […]