An exciting few weeks for Microsoft


It’s great to see all the cool stuff pouring out from the other parts of Microsoft. I don’t know whether it’s on purpose or by accident, but November seems to be a huge month for us. Just look at all the stuff going on:

Windows Vista RTM

I have been running Vista RTM on my home desktop for just over a week, and it is really nice. On my hardware configuration at least, it feels every bit like a finished product. A lot of little things work much better now than they even did under XP, such as sleep/hibernate–always finicky before, works perfectly now. Hibernate and resume both work so quickly that I never shut down anymore.

Office 2007 RTM (actually maybe this wasn’t November… still recent though)

The “wow” factor has worn off for me since I’ve been using the betas for months, but now when I see other computers running older versions of Office (or any of the competing office suites) it makes me cringe… Office 2007 makes them all obsolete.

Zune launch

All I want is subscription music on a portable device that displays photos and has a nice screen. I was going to get a Creative Vision:M but the wireless sending of photos made me wait for Zune. Hope it lives up to the hype (I haven’t tried one yet).

Gears of War (game of the year for Xbox 360)

Sooo sweet… too bad Amy won’t let me buy an Xbox. 😦

Xbox Live Video

If I rented more movies (and owned an Xbox) I’d be excited about this. What I am excited about anyway is that the Xbox team isn’t standing still waiting for PS3 to come on the market.

3D maps on Windows Live Local

Still running up the feature score on Google Maps.

Photosynth public release

See previous post.

Other than Windows Live Local (and I think Messenger had another beta release) things have been pretty quiet from the Windows Live division, but not because we haven’t been working hard. The Writer team is heads-down on a major update to the beta; it will be quite some time before it ships but it will be worth the wait.

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