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Windows Live Writer works fine with AtomPub servers that don’t return or expect ETags. However, if ETags are returned then Writer will use them. If a conflict is detected on PUT, this dialog is shown: If Yes is pressed, we retrieve the current version of the entry, overwrite the fields that are visible in Writer, […]


The final release of the Windows Live client suite still does not support Windows XP x64 and Windows Server 2003. As expected, some folks have gotten their hands on the MSI installer itself and started making it available for download. Of course, I can’t officially condone this behavior, but more than enforcing EULAs I’m concerned […]

Finally Final!


We’re thrilled to bring you the final version of Windows Live Writer 2008–our first non-beta release! We haven’t added many major new features since Beta 3. We’ve been focused on polishing off our more egregious remaining bugs, while trying hard not to introduce any regressions. Highlights Vista x64 support is back. And not a moment […]

Those of us in the blogging world have a very specific idea of what "categories" are used for; they represent human-readable labels that are used to group related blog posts, so that (human) readers can easily retrieve a list of your posts that relate to a particular topic. For the purposes of this post, I’ll […]