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It’s not a secret that we here on the Windows Live Writer team are working towards adding support for the Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub). Since AtomPub is so new, I thought it might be useful to take notes as I go about working on our client implementation. Tip #1: Watch out for relative paths (and […]

I was wrong


I believe I have stated in our MSN Group a couple of times that “no” blogs are serving up their pages as true XHTML, that is, with a Content-Type of application/xhtml+xml. I was wrong. Aristotle Pagaltzis is apparently a True Believer and proves it by serving up his blog with application/xhtml+xml. Although I think it’s […]

Hanselman joins Microsoft! If you trust me, you know that I’m not evil, and that I’m going to Microsoft in order to bring additional trust into the relationship between developer and platform. There needs to be a sense of stewardship and a deep valuing of the trust that developers put into their tools. I’m glad […]



For at least four years now, I’ve been meaning to write a series of blog posts about building your own PC. Luckily, Jeff Atwood has done such a ridiculously great job of it that I don’t have to. Building a PC, Part I Building a PC, Part II Building a PC, Part III Building a […]



Somewhere deep in the Borg machinery, a small team led by John Lam is working on a fully open source implementation of Ruby for the CLR, and is even going to accept outside contributions. Yesterday they announced the first source code release of IronRuby. It’s pretty rough so far, but showing a ton of promise. […]

Quad-core for $299! If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your computer, now is the time! Update: MWave has it for $275! It’s madness I tell you! Update 2: As of July 24, NewEgg’s price has gone back to $375, at least for now… strange…

We got a shoutout from Matt over on the official blog: It’s a little known fact, but deep within the labyrinths of Microsoft there is a team of rogue ninjas making a fantastic Windows blogging client. "Rogue ninjas"… I wonder if we can get that on our business cards. Read: Windows Live Writer FTW