Best compliment ever


We got a shoutout from Matt over on the official blog:

It’s a little known fact, but deep within the labyrinths of Microsoft there is a team of rogue ninjas making a fantastic Windows blogging client.

"Rogue ninjas"… I wonder if we can get that on our business cards.

Read: Windows Live Writer FTW


6 Responses to “Best compliment ever”

  1. 1 sunilbajpai

    You don’t need that on your business card. Joe Cheng, by itself, would be fine.

    Best wishes and thanks for WLW!

  2. 2 W

    Yes you can get that on your business card!

  3. 3 Tetanus

    I love Windows Live Writer so much I installed Windows and VMWare Fusion on my MacBook Pro just so I can blog with it.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Great tool, great compliment – would be good if you could link to Matts story – (is easier to find for your readers)…..

  5. Hi André, the last line of the post has the link. Thanks!

  1. 1 Joe the Ninja « Disparate

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