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Coincidentally, I have stumbled into a few interesting links about parallel programming over the past few days. Task Parallel Library – Really cool, practical library for doing multithreaded programming in .NET. If anything it makes it a little too easy–it’s not a substitute for knowing the ins and outs of concurrent shared-memory programming, and you […]


Update [Sept. 24, 2007 – 2:28PM PDT]: This should no longer be necessary for, as the servers are now advertising keyword support via wlwmanifest.xml. (Thanks to Joseph Scott for making the change and Adam Vero for bringing it to our attention!) If you’re on and don’t see the Keywords field showing up […]

Somehow I had missed the fact that the official Windows Live blog had posted some clarifications about the new unified installer. There’s an important tidbit for those of us on x64: Due to your overwhelming feedback, we’re working hard to release a version of the installer that supports 64-bit even sooner than previously planned.

I’ve uploaded a new build of my previously mentioned Dynamic Template plugin. Some high-DPI rendering bugs were fixed. Other than that, nothing new worth mentioning. You can download the new version from the Releases page.

I was so pleased to discover via Mike Torres that Paul Thurrott has written a WinSuperSite preview of the Windows Live client suite. He gives a very favorable review of Windows Live Writer: With my Blogger-based blog, I can use Writer to create and edit posts using the actual fonts and styles found on the […]

Here’s a post for the markup experts out there. For the latest version of Windows Live Writer, we’ve put a bit of work into generating more XHTML-friendly markup. What, specifically, have we done?

It’s been a little over three months since Windows Live Writer Beta 2 was released. Beta 2 was more of a “big bang” release–a lot of people were mistakenly calling it “Windows Live Writer 2.0 Beta” and I can understand why. Beta 3 is more about working out the bugs and making existing features work […]