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This is not an attempt to establish an official Windows Live Writer FAQ, just thought I’d talk to some of the questions that keep coming up lately.

Q. Why won’t Writer let me upload images to my Blogger account?

A. Blogger currently doesn’t expose any image upload functionality to third-party tools like ours. This is true for both the new Blogger (formerly known as Blogger Beta) and the old Blogger. Until they add that feature to their service, you’ll have to use Writer’s built-in FTP support or Flickr4Writer.

Q. When I insert an image into my blog post and publish it, Writer uploads two copies of that image to my blog. What gives?

A. By default, Writer puts a thumbnail of the image directly in the blog post, and also uploads a larger version that is linked to by the thumbnail. In other words, your readers can click the inline image to see a larger version. If you’d prefer not to have this behavior, select the image, go to the second tab on the Image sidebar, and change the “Link To” option to “No Link”. (The image sidebar will also let you save this and other settings as the default, on a per-blog basis.)

Q. Writer doesn’t work properly with [non-English language].

A. Sorry, the currently released beta is only supported for US-English. When the official release of Writer comes, we will support a variety of different languages/locales.

Q. Why doesn’t Writer output XHTML?

A. We haven’t gotten around to it, yet. XHTML support represents a nontrivial amount of development and testing and it didn’t make the cut for our initial release. No promises for the next release either.

Q. When is the next release of Writer coming?

A. Don’t hold your breath or anything; the next major beta release is still a few months away! It’ll be worth the wait though, you’ll see.

6 Responses to “Writer FAQs”

  1. 1 thomas74

    I am used to w.bloggar which is working for current blogger.But title is not displayed for post.
    Which url should I use for API?
    I am using beta.blogger.com/api and or blogitemtitle as custom title tags.
    how did u make wlw work for blogger beta.
    PLEASE reply. to thomas74@operamail.com

  2. 2 Harry

    I’m using Writer 1.01 build 6 with the “new” Blogger. Writer grayed out the Post Draft to Weblog menu item. Is there a way to get the post draft function back?

    Will the new release support Blogger labels?

  3. Blogger Beta didn’t support drafts at the time of our last release. They do now and our next major release will enable it. Labels will likely be supported as well.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I would recommend that you guys post something (anything!) to the official Live Writer blog so folks know that the product hasn’t been abandoned…

  5. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

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