Vista (OEM) has shipped


OEM versions of Vista have started to show up at online retailers like NewEgg, ZipZoomFly, and Micro Center. Vista Ultimate OEM is going for $199 while Home Premium is $119. They all show them as “In Stock”, which seems to indicate they will ship them right away despite the fact that the retail version of Vista is not officially out until January 30. I guess it makes sense that the OEM versions need to go early, so that system builders can have preloaded machines ready on January 30. Still, here’s an easy way for bargain hunters and early adopters to get their hands on Vista early.

I’ve been running Vista Ultimate on my home PC since the day the final build came out. It’s been great so far, it’s hard to go back to XP after getting used to Aero Glass and the new start menu. I haven’t had any problems except for some strange laggy behavior after waking from sleep–I’m guessing that’s related to my new motherboard though (Abit AB9 Pro), they’re still working out a lot of kinks with BIOS updates.

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