New Writer goodies today


Several new Windows Live Writer related goodies went live today.

First up is a refresh of Writer itself. This is a relatively minor update, small enough that we didn’t feel comfortable calling it Beta 2. The main features we added were built-in tagging and support for Blogger Beta. However we did fix quite a few bugs, including the non-scrolling category picker, image uploading problems with Spaces, not allowing paste in the title region, and many others.

Secondly, the Windows Live Gallery team set up a section for Writer plugins and extensions. To mark the occasion, the Writer team created Blog This extensions for Firefox and Internet Explorer (Windows Live Toolbar is no longer required), plus a plugin for inserting microformatted events from into your blog posts.

I have to tip my proverbial hat to Pete Hopkins over at Blogger, who was super responsive in answering all of my questions about the new Blogger Beta APIs. Also, thanks to the hard-working folks at for working with us to build a really cool plugin.


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