12 seconds!?


Now that he’s taken delivery, Scott Hanselman is bragging about his tiny god:

Previous 3Ghz P4 Bootup Time from after POST to Desktop: 48 seconds. Current Quad Bootup Time from after POST to Desktop: 12 seconds.

He also mentions that he’s gone x64, and it’s been a “total non-event”. Ditto here. Two weeks ago I switched from Vista x86 to Vista x64, after hearing a couple of users complain of x64-specific problems. (What can I say, I like to be where the pain is.) So far it’s been smooth sailing, though most everything that didn’t ship with the operating system is still running in 32-bit mode.


2 Responses to “12 seconds!?”

  1. Bragging? Heh…I like to think of it as spreading my joy….

  2. Don’t worry Scott, if I had that machine I would totally brag too 😉

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