Known Problems/Solutions with Writer and Your Blog Platform


We don’t have a page up yet that tracks the different bumps you may encounter on the road to blogging bliss; there are lots of different blogging platforms out there and infinite varieties of configurations, and we don’t always work perfectly (or even work at all) with every one of them.

Here are some known issues, with solutions, if any.

[General Connectivity Issues]

If you’re behind a proxy (if you’re on a corporate network, you probably are; if you’re at home, you’re probably not) and Writer seems to be having trouble connecting to your blog server and/or FTP server, try installing .NET 2.0 Framework if it isn’t already installed. .NET 2.0 does a better job of automatically picking up your system’s proxy settings than .NET 1.1. You don’t have to uninstall .NET 1.1–if both versions are installed, Writer will use 2.0.

Blogger (Beta)

We don’t work with Blogger Beta (yet). Not sure if your Blogger blog is a Blogger Beta blog? If you login using a Google account (, it’s a Beta blog. If you login using a Blogger account, it’s not (and thus should work just fine).

Blogger Beta should work fine for you if you’re using Writer version 1.0.1 (6) or later. If it doesn’t, and you’re using a custom template, it’s almost certainly because you need to add the following line to your <head>:

<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

Then try adding the blog to Writer again.

Blogger (Non-Beta)

Image publishing doesn’t work. Blogger currently doesn’t offer tools like ours a way to upload photos to their service. (I know it works with Picasa–Picasa is made by Google, same company that owns Blogger, so they are using some internal undocumented functionality that we couldn’t legally use even if we reverse engineered it.)

Movable Type

I personally haven’t seen this but according to at least one user, you may need to enable a separate password for API access.

Update 9/6/2006: Problems galore on MovableType when the host server is on Windows with IIS as the webserver. The HTTP headers returned by MovableType are malformed, and keepalive doesn’t work properly. Feel free to try it, and if it doesn’t work, just wait for the next release of Writer.

Update 2/9/2007: We don’t support posting as draft for MovableType, because by default, MovableType doesn’t support posting as drafts through its client API.


See this article for instructions.


We don’t work with Vox (yet).

Update 9/6/2006: Vox actually doesn’t implement any complete weblog editing APIs at this time. If and when they do, we will make sure Writer works with them.

Windows Live Spaces

Added 9/26/2006: There’s a bug in our code that causes image uploads for Spaces to time out prematurely, especially when a post contains multiple images. We think we’ve got this fixed for the next release, which is coming very soon.


We’ve seen random problems with custom WordPress installations with WordPress server plugins installed. A good place to start is to disable your WordPress plugins and see if your problems go away.

Update 3/9/2006: Some users have been reporting that Writer can’t upload images to recent versions of WordPress: when you try to publish, you get the standard “The following images cannot be published because the weblog does not support image publishing” error. This may be due to WordPress being unable to create/modify its <wordpress>/wp-content/uploads directory (if so, you will see an error to this effect even when trying to upload files through the WordPress web-based interface). To fix, make sure that the directory exists, and that it can be modified by the user account that WP uses.

Got info that should be on this list? Drop me a comment.


8 Responses to “Known Problems/Solutions with Writer and Your Blog Platform”

  1. 1 Bill

    Hi Joe, I’m looking forward to using this product but I am having trouble getting it to work behind our proxy.

    I used a variety of combinations but nothing seemed to work so far. Right before attempting these combinations I used the standard one I use whenever requested for proxy info for the Microsoft FolderShare product and that worked.

    Thanks for any info you have here,

  2. it strips paragraph formatting.

    only shows the most recent 25 posts.

  3. We purposely strip most paragraph formatting on paste (or Blog This), so the quoted text will match your blog’s style. I should probably blog about that feature, it bears explaining.

    Only showing the most recent 25 posts is probably going to be fixed in the next release.


  4. 4 Nobita

    What about Subtext Blog Engine? :(. I wish you support it soon !!

  5. thanks for the info at my blog. i wasn’t sure whom to ask help from (and it was a weekend when i inadvertently lost my wordpress entries, so i couldn’t ask admin).

    yes, there has to be a noticeable warning should users of Live Writer decide to delete files.

  6. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  7. 7 Tony Jansson


    I have had problems with swedish characters on my blog. Browsers regard the blog as UTF-8, but the characters from Writer seem to be published as Latin-1. Have you had any such problems reported before?

    Tony J.

  8. Ah, thanks! This cleared up some confusion I’ve heard.

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