Lots of new cameras being announced at Photokina


Photokina is one of the photography industry’s largest trade shows, and most camera manufacturers lead up to the event with a slew of product announcements. This year is no different. Check out the unfolding coverage at DP Review.

Some highlights:

  • Canon Digital Rebel XTi. The successor to the excellent and popular Canon Digital Rebel XT. The big additions here are anti-sensor-dust mechanisms (one mechanical, one software); other than that it looks like pretty incremental improvements to me. Canon has moved away from a dedicated character-based LCD display for essential controls, instead displaying everything on the main 2.5″ LCD on the rear of the camera. The Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D had something similar and I couldn’t get used to it–feels like a step backwards to me.
  • Sigma SD14. For years Sigma has championed the promising but underspecced Foveon sensor, which has some big inherent advantages when it comes to image quality but has been cursed with a low megapixel count (three megapixels, which was low even for 2003). Foveon fans rightly point out that each pixel on a Foveon sensor does the work of four pixels on a conventional (Bayer filter based) sensor. Here’s hoping the SD14 will be able to claim 6 or more nominal megapixels, maybe that will help spark some sales success. I’d love to see a Foveon sensor in a Nikon body; Nikon already has to buy sensors from other companies (unlike Canon, who makes their own).
  • Nikon D80. As mentioned earlier.

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