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In the Tech Preview release, we rewrote the category picker to work better for two kinds of bloggers: People who have lots of categories Keyboard lovers For those who have lots of categories, there’s a filter box at the top. Fairly self explanatory. But the keyboard shortcuts are a little less obvious. Launch category picker: […]


Good news for those of you hungry for new Writer bits: Windows Live Writer Technical Preview is now available for download. Official announcement: Windows Live Writer Technical Preview And for developers: Windows Live Writer Technical Preview SDK We’re calling this a Technical Preview release because the primary reason for it is to gather feedback on […]

Here’s a first crack at a plugin for Windows Live Writer that lets you easily insert screen captures into your blog posts. You can capture a window, a rectangular region, or the whole desktop. Sort of like the Snipping Tool in Vista, but without the ability to capture free-form regions, and minus the annoying red […]

Several users in the Windows Live Writer forums have reported seeing “Error 400: Bad Request” when publishing to Blogger with images: This happens when some values are missing from your Windows registry—specifically, the content types of .jpg, .gif, and/or .png extensions. I don’t know exactly how they are getting removed, but it’s almost certainly a […]

Update 7/30/2008: Added more steps to the instructions to get Firefox to re-read install.rdf. Since the first release of Windows Live Writer, we’ve had a Blog This add-on for Firefox. Currently it’s marked as compatible with Firefox 1.5-2.0, which means beta versions of Firefox 3 won’t load it. Turns out it works fine with Firefox […]

We just released another patch for Windows Live Writer, via Microsoft Update. This one mainly benefits Blogger users who upload images to Picasa (which is the default setting). The full details are in KB951125, but the important points for most Writer+Blogger users are: Clicking a thumbnail image no longer pops up a file download dialog […]

Normal view?


Some of us on the Windows Live Writer team have been debating some tweaks to the UI, and a question has come up that we’re not sure we know the answer to. Do you use Normal view, and if so, what for? Better yet, does anyone out there use both Normal and Web Layout views […]

A couple of months ago, some users on the Windows Live Writer forum reported that whenever future publish dates were used, the post would be held until the correct date but the incorrect time. If your time zone was GMT -8, the post wouldn’t appear until 8 hours after your desired time. (And yikes–if you […]

I’m hoping Google users will find this post if they search for the following Windows Live Writer error message: An unexpected error has occurred while attempting to log in: Blog Server Error – Server Error -32700 Occurred parse error. not well formed A malformed XML-RPC request can cause this error, but I don’t know of […]

There’s an issue that will bite you, hard, if you have a * blog that you post images to using Windows Live Writer, and then later take that blog to a domain (either by opting for the FTP publishing option, or through Blogger’s own custom domain hosting). You’ll find that all images that were […]