Windows Live Writer 2009, officially official


Windows Live Writer 2009 went final last week during CES. (It’s actually the same bits as the RC [14.0.8050.1202] since no show stopping bugs were found since then.)

If you’re still on an older build of Writer, go download it now!

13 Responses to “Windows Live Writer 2009, officially official”

  1. Congrats Joe! Good job all round. I love the new version.

  2. Yes, its the same bits as RC, but now Windows Live Essentials are available in many more languages including 7 Indian languages. So Windows Live Writer Final is available now in many more languages.

    Congrats for this great application.

  3. Congrats to the Windows Live Writer team- what a great release!

  4. An exceptional piece of kit. Clean, fast and strong. Well impressed, thankyou and congrats.

  5. With new fast UI WLW is really amazing software. Only things that are lacking for me is more hooks for plugin API (modify post before publish – this is not possible now, I believe) and especially more powerful shortcut system.

    And too bad Dynamic Template plugin you wrote still haven’t made it to into offical release – I use it all the time, but without shortcut it is not so fun.
    Also, I can’t understand if inserting arbitrary files is possible – it looks like it is not.

    And also there are good feature that should be really easy to implement – when insert hyperlink window is opened, is should autopaste clipboard contents into url field, if WLW detects URL in clipboard.

    Anyway, thanks for great work!

  6. @vasudev: Thanks, that is an excellent point, I’ll update the post.

    @Vladekk: Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see what we can do. What specific kind of modifications are you hoping to make to the post during publish time?

  7. @Joe Cheng
    Well, if I remember correctly, it was connected with custom markup. I.e. translate something like bb-code (tags looking like [b] or [url]) to html during posting. Writing it directly in html is harder, as you need to switch to html view. Sure, we can use dynamic template plugin for tasks like these, but it lacks shortcut keys 😉

    Other scenario of using it is even more non-trivial.
    WLW is always setting dimensions of images in img tag (width=400 height=500). My customized blog is displaying images adjusted to user screen resolution, but fixed dimensions prevent that. Now I’m cleaning img tags on server with my own plugin for BlogEngine.NET and it is kind of ok. But posts’ html still is stored with fixed dimensions specified by wlw, and that’s not very good.

    Flexibility comes with a price, sure, but API hooks are area where this is somewhat justified 😉

  8. Writer Wave3’s tags feature for wordpress is really awesome.
    Btw, i posted my 5 writer tips over at
    Would you like to share yours?

  9. @Picturepan2
    Well, I you seem to share them in asian language, so I menace to share them in russian 😉

  10. WLW is a great tool. A free tool, but yet expensive 🙂 . Let me explain. I always use copy & paste for images, and on paste the WLW use the PNG format. In that way, in one month I’ve got a folder with bigger image files than before using WLW (but Post2Blog) and JPGs. And the bandwidth consumed was bigger.

    So: is there a way to control the quality of PNGs or, better, to have JPG as image type when I paste an image in WLW? Even for JPG would be perfect to have control on quality.

    I’ve noticed the same image 1) with paste from clipboard, so it was PNG; 2) imported as JPG, the first version was almost double as size.

    I will not spend time saving images than loading in WLW. I really need to be able to paste image from clipboard, from other application where I prepare my graphics, but the result image from paste not to be PNG. What can I do?

  11. This is some amazing software, Joe! Fantastic work.

  12. I agree with Radu re: the image paste into WLW always a PNG. These files end up huge, when a compressed JPG is all we need, and woudl save a lot of space. Only way I know how to do this now is to use another program, save it to disk, and then insert into WLW…it works, but takes a lot longer than just pasting into WLW.

    BTW: I love the program, and I use it every day…it is a great time saver!

  13. I have a question about windows live writer, in my wordpress blog i am using All in one seo plugins, will i be able to use it if i live writer ? if possible plz provide short tutorial.

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