“Instant photo” border treatment


In case you’re wondering what the “instant photo” border treatment feature is, here’s an example.

 Instant Photo example

It plays nice with the Crop and Tilt features.

No, you cannot currently provide a caption to be written on the border. If that’s important to you, you might consider the “Polaroid Picture” plug-in.


3 Responses to ““Instant photo” border treatment”

  1. well thanks for these treatments 🙂

  2. Hi Joe

    I really love Live writer – someone called Switcher from another forum (Bloggertricks) was really helpful and put me on to it. I much prefer WYSIWYG editors for obvious reasons. This is a great tool and I love that you have the option of placing the photo’s where you want and tilt them etc. I am having a slight problem though and I hope you can help me iron it out and maybe it will also help others ahving the same problem.

    While I was I was using the Blogger DOTS DARK template – I had great success with WLW, I could type in paragraphs, add bullets etc. Then I changed my template to a 4 column template: Blogger Template Design: ProBlogger Template, Design by: Ourblogtemplates.com, Terms of Use: Free template with credit linked to Ourblogtemplates.com

    I refreshed my blog settings in WLW and the basic template does show up however I cant use the ENTER key to start a new paragraph, neither can I make a bulleted list. Can you advise me what I need to do to iron this problem out?


  3. Hi Tincan,

    This is starting to become a common problem with premium Blogger templates, due to a trick some template authors are using to work around obscure bugs in ancient versions of Internet Explorer. If you e-mail wlw-team@microsoft.com with the contents of your Blogger template, we can help you remove the offending HTML.

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