Firefox 3.0-compatible Blog This add-on


I’ve posted workarounds before to make the Firefox Blog This plugin for Windows Live Writer work for Firefox 3.0 and later. Now we’ve finally taken the first (public) steps to solving this problem the right way.

Our revised extension is now available on We’re currently in their “Sandbox” which means you will have to log in to download the extension. After enough people download it and write reviews (please!), we’ll be allowed to nominate the extension for graduation from the Sandbox. At that point we’ll take down the older version of the plugin from and announce the new plugin on our team blog.


By the way, there is no new functionality in this version, other than an updated (Windows Live 2009 style) icon.

Sorry for making you wait for six months for this. Our (and especially my) bad!


8 Responses to “Firefox 3.0-compatible Blog This add-on”

  1. Holy Hellfire and brimstone batman! The world must surely becoming to an end. My favorite WLW/FF plugin might actually be back!!!!!

    I was literally just writing a blog article thinking that the WLW team had disappeared off the face of the earth, and just happened to check in here only to see that you put this up a couple days ago. 🙂

    That is very good news, will try it out right away!

    Are you guys going to be at CES btw?

  2. 😦
    Those dirty rotten scoundrels at Firefox have hosed us again! The plugin doesn’t work after the latest Firefox update.

  3. brettbum, what FF version are you using? I can’t repro with 3.0.5.

  4. well that’s interesting? I’m using 3.05 also with MS Vista (32 bit). Let me do some more digging, maybe there’s something else going on, or maybe I need to uninstall and re-install. Sure would be cool if I could get it to work again. 🙂

  5. Great news (gonna have to blog about this) It does still work! 🙂

    For some reason when 3.05 came in and did an auto update (I really hate Firefox auto updates) it must have deleted / removed my Blog It icon from my toolbar or something.

    I searched through the icon list in Firefox. I almost didn’t find it, but it was there.

    The image for the icon in the icon list (for adding removing icons) was not visible under the ‘icon’ view (as opposed to ‘text’ view or ‘icon & text’ view. It was not visible at all under ‘text’ view.

    However, weirdly enough the text was visible in ‘icon’ view. I almost missed it but found it knowing that ‘it was working for you’. Then when I added the icon again into my browser tool bar, the actual image for the icon showed up again, but it looks a little weird. The icon shows a tilted page with a blue image on the page on a black square backround (as opposed to a transparent background) which sticks out in a strange way on the tool bar, but I don’t care since its is working. 🙂

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  7. 8 Pedro Linares

    First of all, thanks for your very good work on WLW. But I wanted to ask you if you have any thoughts of developing an extension for Chrome. I recently switched from Firefox, and my only regret is losing my WLW Blogthis extension.

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