Text too small (or big) in Writer? Here’s the fix.


Every once in a while we hear from a user that text renders smaller in Windows Live Writer than it does in the browser. We tried numerous times to get to the bottom of the problem, which we suspected had to do with the Text Size setting in Internet Explorer, but no amount of tweaking in IE options made a difference.

Thanks to Noah Coad and some friendly folks on the IE team, the mystery is solved.

What’s going on here is that there is a registry key that defines the default text size for IE6 and earlier.  IE7 kept the old key for embedded browsers but uses a new one for full instances of IE.  Some apps (like Product Studio, an internal MS app) change the regkey without setting it back.  The result is that embedded browsers across your PC now look wrong, and there isn’t an easy way to fix it since embedded browsers don’t usually present a text size option.

See his blog post for the solution. You can just click “Download the Reg Fix” if you don’t feel comfortable mucking with the registry yourself.


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