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The Technical Preview release of Windows Live Writer has only been out for a day, but a few intrepid programmers have already released plugins based on the new SDK features.

Our Windows Live MVP, Scott Lovegrove, wrote up a nice tutorial on writing PublishNotificationHooks and HeaderFooterSources. He also unveiled a slew of new and/or updated plugins—including Now Playing, signature, and profanity checker—all of which use the new plugin types.

Tim Heuer of Flickr4Writer fame popped out a Creative Commons footer plugin. As usual for Tim it’s slick and polished.

John Papa redid his DotNetKicks (like Digg for .NET programmers) plugin as a footer plugin. He’s got two separate posts [one, two] on the subject. The DotNetKicks plugin is a perfect example of a plugin that was impossible to do gracefully under the old SDK, but trivial with HeaderFooterSource.

We also shipped two sample plugins as part of the Tech Preview SDK. They’re primarily intended to be code samples, but as plugins they’re also quite suitable for everyday use.

Twitter Notify makes it easy to tell your Twitter followers that you’ve published a new blog post.

Twitter plugin screenshot

DiggThis automatically inserts a DiggThis badge or button into every post. You get a couple of options for style and placement.


To install the samples, download the Tech Preview SDK, and copy the two *.dll files from the Samples directory to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins.


22 Responses to “New Writer plugins for Tech Preview”

  1. Joe … I noticed that the DiggThis plugin does not display a diggthis link when I post. I made sure it was enabled and otptions were selected. But when I go to my post, there is nothing there. I hav eno tlooked through the DiggThis sample cod eyet, but I figured I would ask to see if anyone had any problems with it so far.

  2. I had some major issues with the twitter notification plug-in. Trying to enter my username and password generated anywhere from 5-30 Watson dialogs at a time (all out of memory exceptions), though Writer itself did not crash. I did finally persist and get the info entered, and once I did that, the plug-in worked fine. I didn’t send all the watson notices, but hopefully the bunch that I did send will provide useful info. 🙂

  3. Hi Joe, thanks for visiting and providing those useful links. I have been able to download the new Window Live Writer and I also wrote a little review on it and the Video Tutorial provided on your blog at Window Live Space. Nice job your team is doing. Cheers.

  4. 4 Vera

    Thank you for letting me know about the Set Categories option! 🙂

  5. hello,
    is it me or the diggthis plugin don’t work anymore with the wave 3 release ? Can we expect a fix sooner or later ?


  6. Diagg, they should work. Did you enable the plugin for the specific blog you’re testing on? (Weblog | Edit Weblog Settings | Plugins)

  7. Many thanks to you, work again now ! Did not even know about that nice feature. Thank again ! Keep up the good job with the WLW team

  8. Thank you very much for it! I did not even know about this nice feature too! I woul come to your site again!

  9. This feature is really nice! I’m sure that many people are interested to know something about it!

  10. Hi, I copied the plugin to directory mentioned above, but I can’t see it in the plugins list. Do I have to do something else to make it work?

  11. zimmi, these plugins have been officially released so you can just run the installers that are available from Windows Live Gallery.




    Let me know if any of those don’t work for you–thanks.

  12. 12 jmill65


    I am working on my first pluggin. All the examples out there for ContentSource and overloading CreateContent use a instance of InsertForm. When I try the same code I get: “The type or namespace name ‘InsertForm’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)” What am I forgetting to reference?



  13. Hey Jason–can you e-mail me with your code? (joe.cheng *AT*


  14. Twitter was an error in the plugin Notify: Font ‘Segoe UI’ does not support style ‘Regular’. ‘_’

  15. CraLBilogcu, this happens when the Segoe UI font file on your machine gets corrupted. I don’t know what causes the font to be corrupted but we have seen it several times. If you copy the Segoe UI font file from another computer and replace the one on your computer, it should work fine–let me know if you need detailed instructions for how to do that.

  16. Gives you the Segoe UI font files are you? where in the file at a going ? [xp sp2 }

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