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Here’s a first crack at a plugin for Windows Live Writer that lets you easily insert screen captures into your blog posts. You can capture a window, a rectangular region, or the whole desktop. Sort of like the Snipping Tool in Vista, but without the ability to capture free-form regions, and minus the annoying red border.

Note that for capturing a window or the whole desktop, (Alt+)PrintScreen and Paste work just about as well.

Later this week, I’ll write an installer and put it on the Gallery. In the meantime, just download the file below to your C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins directory.

Download Now []

Update 5/19/2008: Wow, this UI is so much better than mine. I’ll be back.

15 Responses to “Screen Capture Plugin for Writer”

  1. Joe;

    Thanks for the plugin. I installed and I got the small window but how one take captures from other pages. Right no I only can take captures from the program.

  2. Hi Mario,

    If you select Window and then click on another window, it should capture that window. Oh… if you have Writer maximized then you won’t be able to see any other windows. Maybe I should add an option to minimize Writer during capture…

  3. This sounds like a cool feature. I’m curious if you’ve heard of any practical “rss posting” applications from your users besides publishing blog entries … like for customer service, QA, etc.

    Also thanks for the Cropper link. That looks handy!

  4. Ehh, that’s good, but when we’ll see new version. I eager for powerful keyboard shortcuts!

  5. 5 Rómulo M. Soto Díaz

    Hi Joe:
    Very good plugin that you have developed, simple and effective. Nevertheless I have a small question, where it keeps the images that it captures?
    I mean, I like to backup all the images I publish but I don’t know in wich folder is saved the capture.

    Sorry my poor grammar

    Regards from Lima, Perú

  6. They just go in the temp directory at the moment…

  7. 7 Tony Basallo

    Did you know that you can remove the border around the image, or even change its color if you like? You’ll find it in the options button.

  8. Hi Joe, thanks for the great plugin! I’ve been using it for couple months now. Anyway, is there a way to change the default captured image from PNG to JPG?

    Cheers from Indonesia!

  9. Hi Jay, that’s interesting–why do you want JPG? Are you doing screen caps of photographs? For most screenshot scenarios PNG will give you both higher quality and smaller (or at least comparable) file sizes.

  10. Thanks Joe for the reply. From my experience, JPG always make smaller size for photo (without sacrificing much quality). PNG will result best for vector graphic. PNG will always give better graphic since it use “lossless” compression (compare to JPG which using “lossy” compression), but doesn’t meant we need high quality all the time. That’s why maybe you can give the user an option, so they can decide which one will fit their needs. From my blog you can see I utilize your tool mostly for screen caps.

    And maybe you can take a look at the polaroid plugin.. It has nice option page, and quite useful ability like automatically adding rel=”lightbox” HTML code.. very useful if you use lightbox effect like me.. 🙂

  11. I disagree with the above writer who says that PNG files will give amaller or comparable sizes to JPG. For natural images nothing could be further from the truth. Even at high quality setting where the output is indistinguishable from the original, JPG files are almost always much smaller than PNGs.

  12. This is so simple and just works! Really easy to install and puts a nice link on the menu bar making it easy to use.

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