Windows Live ♥ AtomPub


Last night, Microsoft announced some of the APIs that are coming for Windows Live. Most interestingly, AtomPub will be the foundation of most of the Windows Live APIs going forward.

Tim recently asked what happened to Web3S. Well, now you know. AtomPub won.

More commentary available from Dare.

(In case there’s a messed-up character in the title, it’s supposed to be a heart: U+2665.)

7 Responses to “Windows Live ♥ AtomPub”

  1. Hey Joe

    Any chance to see a server implementation of AtomPub?


  2. Hi Laurent, are you talking about tools to help you create your own AtomPub server implementation? There’s the latest CTP of ADO.NET Data Services if your data is based on the Entity Data Model. If you’re asking if there’s something for .NET like Apache’s Abdera, I don’t think anyone has written one yet.

    Or if you’re talking about actual Windows Live services that are AtomPub implementations, yes, that’s exactly what the announcement is talking about.

  3. 3 Brian Vallelunga

    I too would like to see some guidance in building an AtomPub service. In some ways it is very simple, since it is just REST XML, but I’m wondering if MS has some best practices for this.

    I’ve only spent a little time on it, but I think a WCF service that uses the REST features and URI templates is going to be the way to go. I need to spend some more time on this, even though I suspect MS may roll it into WCF at some point in the future on their own.

  4. 4 Lane Mohler


    Thanks for the great series of articles about AtomPub and WLW. I’ve been playing with AtomPub a lot this week, and it’s great to have WLW as one of my test tools.

    One thing I can’t figure out is how WLW determines the homepage for an AtomPub account. My guess would be the \feed\link\@href from my feed, but that’s not what I’m seeing.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again for the great product,

  5. @Lane: We use feed/link[@rel=’alternate’ and @type=’text/html’]/@href (we will also accept application/xhtml+xml in place of text/html).

  6. 6 duyu

    AtomPub isn’t suit for Blog client now.
    Each blogware still need to detail it’s xml tags.
    Such as which tag for category and for post tags and so on.
    For now, i think WLW only support publish/get post in AtomPub without any category/tags info, is it?

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