Writer/WordPress publish date problem is fixed


A couple of months ago, some users on the Windows Live Writer forum reported that whenever future publish dates were used, the post would be held until the correct date but the incorrect time. If your time zone was GMT -8, the post wouldn’t appear until 8 hours after your desired time. (And yikes–if you were at GMT +8, the post would appear 8 hours before you requested!)

I’m told the fix was pushed out early last week, so if you’ve started up Writer since then, you probably already have it. (If you need to be sure, [re]start Writer, wait fifteen seconds, then restart Writer again.)

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!

7 Responses to “Writer/WordPress publish date problem is fixed”

  1. Joe,

    Any chance of fixing the truncated tag problem with Blogger? It’s mostly cosmetic, but sometimes the truncation is severe enough that I have trouble remembering what the tag is supposed to be. (They work fine when selected of course, it’s just the menu for tag selection that’s broken).

    Also – an enhancement. When I embed screenshots in posts they’re usually full res, and I don’t link them to anything. So I’m always tweaking the default image settings. Could WLW simply use my last settings as the default?

  2. John,

    The truncation problem will be fixed in the next release, but it will be quite some time before that comes out.

    Once you have an image set with the correct settings, at the bottom of the image sidebar you should see a “Save settings as default” link–that should do what you want.

  3. Joe,

    I don’t see any evidence this has been fixed. How can I manually trigger the update or verify the fix? My build number hasn’t changed in the past 2+ months.

    I’m currently GMT +11 and just today had a post go live 9hrs before I wanted it to (published at about midnight with a 9AM start time). I had restarted WLW many times in the days prior to that.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. dawmatt, if it’s off by 2 hours, I don’t think it’s the same issue. Is your WordPress installation configured to be GMT +11? (Under Options | General)

    If it’s easier to do this over e-mail, you can reach me at joe.cheng *AT* microsoft.com. Thanks!

  5. Don’t understand the “off by 2 hours” comment. WordPress is configured as GMT +11 and the time displays correctly in that options panel plus in the main blog itself.

    Thanks Joe, I will email.

  6. Joe – I am also experiencing the time issue. WordPress is set to pacific time, and so is the hosting system. If i do a post from the wordpress panel, it will display at the correct time. But if I use Live Writter, it will not post at the correct time. Any ideas?

  7. well, even though i appeared to have the latest version of Live Writer, I reinstalled and it looks to be posting at the correct times now.

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