Finally Final!


We’re thrilled to bring you the final version of Windows Live Writer 2008–our first non-beta release!

We haven’t added many major new features since Beta 3. We’ve been focused on polishing off our more egregious remaining bugs, while trying hard not to introduce any regressions.


  • Vista x64 support is back. And not a moment too soon.
  • Generic AtomPub support. Server implementers should see this post and the links therein for excruciating detail.
  • Support for more spell checking languages. Still not nearly as many as we would like, but it’s a start. We also made English spell checking available in all builds.
  • Localized versions for lots of new languages/markets. Dozens of languages supported now–hard to believe Beta 1 was hard coded for English!
  • Simpler Windows Live Spaces configuration. We were running into a lot of problems with the new "cid"-based Space names. This has been fixed.
  • Support for higher-resolution images on Spaces. No more automatic resizing down to 600×600.
  • Blogger image uploading fixed for externally hosted blogs. Due to a… quirk… in Picasaweb, images would appear broken in Blogger blogs that weren’t on This has been fixed, although I still recommend using FTP-based image hosting if you can.
  • <pre> handling in XHTML mode is fixed. Beta 3 would collapse whitespace in all tags, including <pre>, in XHTML mode. It took some ugly hacks, but it should work correctly now.


  • No support for XP x64 or Windows Server 2003. However, the hacks that worked for Beta 3 will probably continue to work for Final.

Thanks to all of you out there that use Windows Live Writer and have given us so much valuable feedback over the past 15 months. Keep it coming–we’re not done yet!


10 Responses to “Finally Final!”

  1. 1 Biff

    Links go to the beta site. Were you too quick on the draw?

  2. Appears to depend on what country you’re coming from. Try this:

  3. Thanks for the update Joe. Any chance that it fixed the “centering” bug I had found in XHTML mode? I’m thinking about switching back over to XHTML to see if it’s gone.

  4. Sorry Ryan, we weren’t able to get to fix that one for this release. I’m hoping to completely redo the XHTML pipeline in a future release and that will likely fix it.

  5. Any chance the configuration was changed so that Live Writer could more easily be moved to different machine. (Portable mode)

    In the betas, it was setup so that everything had to be in specific folders (non-configurable) i.e. Drafts had to be saved in Documents\My Weblog Posts\Drafts.

    There was a program out there that someone wrote to try to hack Live Writer into portable mode but it also had problems because the hashed passwords that were stored in registry would not work on new machine.

    It would be nice if everything was consolidated to a non-registry based, relative path type configuration so that you could put Live Writer on a usb drive and run with it!

    Hopefully this is in the final version…

  6. Michael, it’s not in the final version, but I’m campaigning to get it included in the future!

  7. Yea, a portable version would be nice. I run both U3 software and portableapps software off my usb drive and it would be nice to have a portable version that I can load up here at work since IT has our laptops on lockdown to the point where we can’t install any software.

  8. I liked beta more than the final version, coz betas used to upload pictures with same name as the picture. now its adding wierd names like windowslivewriterpicturname-9343.jpg, Why is that.. does anyone know ?

  1. 1 Posting drafts to Blogger has been fixed « whateverblog.
  2. 2 Windows Live Writer 1.0 is out

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