Developing WLW Plugins


Ben Hall has posted a good series on developing plugins for Windows Live Writer. Lots of practical tips here, including how to use Visual Studio to create an MSI-based installer for your plugin (which is a prerequisite for getting onto the Gallery).

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  1. Help!

    There’s what I consider a major flaw with WLW’s photo uploads.

    We have, when uploading to Blogger, a ‘small’ picture that, when clicked, loads a ‘larger’ picture, then returns back to the post when the pic is viewed, and the viewer hits the ‘back’ key.

    I composed my latest post in WLW, published it, expecting to see the same Blogger effect. But, NO!

    What happens is the photo, when clicked, downloads to the viewer’s desktop! We can’t have that…

    Please let me know if this is what’s expected to happen. If so, sayonara…

  2. Another issue, probably related…WLW has caused to be created in my Picasa Web Album (used by Blogger to store pictures) a new WLW album. And, the pictures are double-posted (one a standard version, the other pic a ‘drop-shadow’ version). As you might know, Picasa is a limited-size album for bloggers. There’s no need to post two of the same picture to the album, is there?

  3. Hey Serr8d,

    Picasa enforces the download-instead-of-view behavior. They have put in a special exception for Blogger’s own image uploads, but third parties like us are stuck with this. I’ve made them aware of this problem but AFAIK they have no plans to change it. In terms of WLW, the only really good workaround is if you have access to an FTP account–you can configure WLW to post there instead.

    Yes, we create an album for WLW images–is this an issue? They have to go into some album.

    As for the two images, one is for the in-post image, one is for the click-through image. In order to allow true WYSIWYG sizing and inline-only effects like borders, we have to upload both images.

    Hope that answers your questions.

  4. Well, yeah, it did. I fixed my post.

    Thanks for playing.

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