Utility: Enable keywords/tags for Windows Live Writer


Update [Sept. 24, 2007 – 2:28PM PDT]: This should no longer be necessary for WordPress.com, as the WordPress.com servers are now advertising keyword support via wlwmanifest.xml. (Thanks to Joseph Scott for making the change and Adam Vero for bringing it to our attention!) If you’re on WordPress.com and don’t see the Keywords field showing up in WLW yet, try restarting Writer a couple of times.

This will still be necessary for custom hosted WP 2.3, but hopefully by 2.3.1 it will advertise as well.

WordPress.com and WordPress 2.3 now support tags. (For more information on tags, check out Matt’s post.) Windows Live Writer has a field for “Keywords”, which will work for WP.com and WP 2.3 tags, but it’s hidden by default. You can force it to show up by either modifying your registry settings, or better yet, use this tool:

Click here to download WriterKeywordsEnable.zip
Requires .NET Framework 2.0, which you probably already have if you’re using Writer. This tool is released by me, not by Microsoft–so don’t go contacting our friendly support folks if you need help.

Just fire it up, add checkmarks for your WordPress.com and WordPress 2.3 blogs, and hit OK. Restart Writer, and that should be it: if you hit F2 you should see the Keywords field in the properties panel.


Note #1: If your blog isn’t on WordPress.com or WordPress 2.3, don’t necessarily expect the Keywords field to do anything. Just because your blog control panel has some notion of “keywords” or “tags” doesn’t automatically mean Writer can access those fields. (In technical terms, your blog must process the mt_keywords field in the content struct.)

Note #2: What’s the difference between “keywords” and “tags”? Beats me. For the purposes of this post, they’re synonymous, except that WLW calls them keywords and WP calls them tags.


41 Responses to “Utility: Enable keywords/tags for Windows Live Writer”

  1. Joe, thanks for that tool, which should make it easier for people to make the change.

    However, this may no longer be necessary since Joseph Scott has updated the manifest on WordPress.com so it should update the settings for people automatically. See his comment here:

    This adds the registry value under ManifestOptions rather than UserOptionOverrides, which makes sense as it is “official” rather than a workaround.

  2. For people using WordPress 2.3 (from WordPress.org) you can get an updated manifest file from the attachment at this ticket:


    The zip file includes a wlwmanifest.xml file and some images. Unzip it in your WordPress directory and that is it.

    Unfortunately I didn’t get this in time for 2.3, but I expect it to go in for future releases.

  3. Thanks for pointing me to your blog, and this post. This will make using WLW even better, after I get my blog updated. Guess I can do that right now.


  4. 4 sylv3rblade

    Nice! I do wish though that title tags had support too..

  5. I am using the latest LiveWriter and have upgraded my blog to use 2.3.1. Any idea why LW doesn’t have the keywords field?

  6. 6 ashish

    Thanks for this wonderful plugin! Works pretty nicely

  7. Brilliant. Great job, I can now use my wp install with tags.
    Thankyou for making this public 🙂

  8. 8 Dev

    Just awesome…
    I had very high regard for live writer already…and now this plugin of yours has given a cult status to WLW.
    What else can i expect from a software developer at Microsoft on the Windows Live Writer team…?
    Mind reading 😉

  9. Thanks for your Amazing blog and tips. I help people with this:

  10. Хотя еще до конца непонятно, что там такое происходит, но на 100% могу сказать, что это не в лучшую сторону!

  11. Thanks a lot!
    It’s a must-have utility.

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