Paul Thurrott reviews WLW


I was so pleased to discover via Mike Torres that Paul Thurrott has written a WinSuperSite preview of the Windows Live client suite. He gives a very favorable review of Windows Live Writer:

With my Blogger-based blog, I can use Writer to create and edit posts using the actual fonts and styles found on the live site, so what I see is really what I get. It works with Blogger’s categories, which is wonderful, and pretty much does it all. Writer has inline spell checking, hyperlink, image, photo, and even video insertion capabilities, and awesome text editing features. In this latest beta version, which Microsoft calls Beta 3, you can even upload images to Google’s Picasaweb service, which I also happen to use. When it comes to highly targeted software, this is near bliss. I’m hugely impressed by this tool and will continue to test it heavily.

I’m a big fan of WinSuperSite as Paul’s reviews tend to be extremely thorough and well written. Of course, with a name like WinSuperSite he’s going to be accused of bias, and maybe there’s some truth to that–his iPhone review focuses squarely on the negative. But what he’s not is a Microsoft shill, as he definitely uncovers and calls out all the flaws in the Microsoft products he reviews–see all of his Vista articles, for example. It’s extremely gratifying to see that he was "hugely limpressed" by WLW!

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