Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Released


It’s been a little over three months since Windows Live Writer Beta 2 was released. Beta 2 was more of a “big bang” release–a lot of people were mistakenly calling it “Windows Live Writer 2.0 Beta” and I can understand why. Beta 3 is more about working out the bugs and making existing features work better, although there are still a few big features worth talking about.

Go download it now!


  • Bug fixes: It may seem odd to call bug fixing a highlight, but Beta 2 had a number of serious bugs that were not present in Beta 1. There were the installer problems that we posted on our blog, glitches with WordPress, problems with inserting images in some languages of Windows, etc. Most of these have been fixed in Beta 3.
  • Insert Video: Other blog editors have offered an insert video feature for some time, but I think ours is the best. You can paste either a URL or an embed and we will detect if it’s a video from one of our supported providers (currently Brightcove, Google Video, Grouper, MySpace, ODEO, Revver, Soapbox, Splashcast, and YouTube). Various blog services will drop or strip embed tags, so your video will simply not show up–we try hard to degrade nicely in these cases. If you’re on LiveJournal or and have not had much luck getting videos embedded using other blogging clients, you might give Beta 3 a try.
  • XHTML support: I know some of you have been waiting for this for a long time. I’ve dedicated a whole separate post to the gory details. The upshot is that our markup should be far more palatable to those who prefer their empty tags with a trailing slash. Bonus: Eradication of spurious non-breaking spaces and no more non-validating attributes like contenteditable and atomicselection.
  • Image upload for Technically we’re uploading to Picasa, but the net effect is that Blogger users finally get seamless image upload.
  • Better image quality: Image border effects (drop shadow, photo paper) have always caused noticeable blurriness and some amount of aspect ratio distortion. I’m very happy to report that these bugs should be eradicated with Beta 3!


  • No 64-bit support: Huge bummer for those running x64 (including myself)–none of the Windows Live apps in this release will install on your OS. I’m sure the LiveSide guys will figure out a workaround in 3… 2… 1…
  • Image upload for caveat: At the time we implemented image uploading to Picasa, they only supported JPEG-format images, not PNG or GIF. We’ll still let you insert a PNG or GIF into your post, but before uploading to Picasa, we convert it to JPEG. This can cause several problems including visual artifacts, loss of transparency, and increased file size. Now that Picasa has added support for PNG and GIF, we can stop doing that–but it happened too late to fix for this release.
  • Still English-only spell checking: We do intend to ship dictionaries for other languages, but were unable to make it happen for this release. Sorry.
  • No Atom Publishing Protocol support: I’m still working on this for a future release.

16 Responses to “Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Released”

  1. Dude…you’re killing me. All that Bug Fixey Goodness and it doesn’t install on x64? Beta 2 installed, but Beta 3 doesn’t? Please advise…

  2. Is this the Atompub enabled version?

  3. Congrats!

    Any chance you’ll release an OSX or Linux version someday? This is my favorite app that I can’t run. : )

  4. Hey Joe – great time to release 🙂 Congratulations right back at you!

  5. Scott: Drop me a line after you get your blue badge. My alias is joecheng.

    James: No, sorry.

    DeWitt: LOL 🙂 Hey, there’s always Parallels!

  6. Geez if Scott Hanselman can’t get 64 bit to install, then I’m not sure if LiveSide can either, at least not tonite 😛

    Nice job, though, otherwise 🙂


  7. Great post Joe. I was excited till I hit the issues. Please see my post and let me know if you have any answers.

  8. Hi, any idea when an AtomPub version will be released ?

  9. Hey Joe, it was great to see you fly by at the Scott Hanselman “welcome to the Blue Monsta” nerd dinner tonight.

    What’s funny is that I had earlier been thinking that you were the Microsoft developer that I was looking forward to meeting at a geek dinner in the near future. So it was a trip to realize that you were standing there talking to Scott Hanselman when I interrupted long enough to introduce myself to Scott.

    I practically live in Live Writer these days. I am going to have to learn how to use some of the plug-ins for code and for ink soon, too.

    My motivation for working through the Windows Live installer was to get the latest Live Writer. That was the gravy and anything else that I ended up liking from the “Live 2008 Suite” was a small bonus. I’m still figuring out what else there is to like.

  10. Shame about the timing of the release of Beta 3 just a couple of weeks before changed the way their categories and tags work. If you want to get WordPress tags to work with WLW you need to add a registry key, as discussed here:

  11. Why was x64 dropped for Beta 3? is there a place we can get Beta 2 still? I’m using Vista x64 and am pretty much dependent on Live Writer – what am I going to do?

    Live Writer is a really great product and you guys have done an awesome job, but at the same time I feel gutted that I’ve just been excluded from the product.

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