The previous blog entry on this blog is entitled “Firefox Extension: Blog This to Windows Live Writer”. Tim noticed that the slug said “future-post” and was nice enough to e-mail me asking if I actually meant to post it.

No, I did not. I wrote this blog post about a year ago but for whatever reason decided not to post it, and never got around to deleting it. I guess at some point I must’ve future dated it and hit Publish–and that future date arrived today. Whoops!

The only reason I feel compelled to explain this to you, gentle readers, is because the Firefox Blog This extension is very old news. We shipped it in September 2006–you can download it here.

Note to self: go over list of future posts and make sure there aren’t any more surprises on the way.

One Response to “Whoops”

  1. i think your blog is brillaint, im a 14 year old program builder, ive been working on operating systems and loads of things like that, look forward to seeing your next post

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