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Update: I’m a dumbass, followup post coming shortly. This information was well out of date–I’ve made corrections inline.

Windows Live Writer has a pretty sweet Blog This capability in IE if you install Windows Live Toolbar. [Update: Since late 2006 Windows Live Writer provides a Blog This button in IE without requiring Windows Live Toolbar.] It works not only on pages but on snippets, and it’s amazing how much faster it lets you go from surfing to blogging. But Windows Live Toolbar doesn’t exist on Firefox, except possibly in the idle daydreams of the program managers in our Silicon Valley offices. What’s a Firefox loving blogger (I have heard these people exist) to do?

Luckily, our developer API includes a really nice library for adding Blog This to, well, just about any app you can squeeze a COM object into. Wrap in one layer of XPCOM, sprinkle liberally with RDF, et voilà:

Click here to install the Blog This Extension for Firefox


This software is written, tested (after a fashion), and distributed by me, not my employer. If you run into problems, don’t blame Microsoft. In fact, don’t blame me either. I will offer limited support via the comments section of this blog post but make absolutely no warranties or guarantees and accept no liability for any harm you may suffer from the use of this extension.

[Update: This code ended up being officially released by Microsoft. So you can in fact blame them/me.]

  1. You must have Firefox 1.5 installed (actually 1.5.0.x).
  2. You must have the Windows Live Writer Beta installed.
Installation Instructions

If you have used Firefox extensions before, this is nothing new.

  1. Clicking on the installation link above will cause Firefox to pop down a yellow warning bar at the top of your browser window. Use the button on the right of the yellow bar to add to your allow list. [Update: We ended up doing a full installer for the extension.]
  2. Restart Firefox.
  3. Right-click on your navigational toolbar and select “Customize…”
  4. Find the Blog This button in the toolbar palette and drag it onto one of your toolbars.
Usage Instructions

The Blog This gesture is available in two places: the toolbar button, and the right-click menu. I tried to be a little smart about what you are trying to blog. If you have a selection active in the browser, it’ll be used for the contents of your post. If you right-click on an image or link and select Blog This, that’s what’ll be used.

3 Responses to “Firefox Extension: Blog This to Windows Live Writer”

  1. Check the “Click here” link?

  2. Thanks, fixed… but also note that this is a year-old post that was accidentally posted today. 😦

  3. Thanks so much for this. You have empowered a 4yr old to be a blogger. 🙂 well.. with a little help from her mom n dad anyway. Great work friend.


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