New plugin: Dynamic Template


I’ve just released my first (publicly available) Windows Live Writer plugin: Dynamic Template. It lets you write mini-plugins from snippets of C# and HTML, and reuse them within Windows Live Writer.

“Huh?” Well, just watch this 45-second screencast and see for yourself; find out more; then go download.

I don’t expect a lot of people to grok what’s so interesting about this right away, but over time I’ll be posting sample templates that show some of its power. Case in point.

Oh–and if you write any interesting templates that you feel like sharing, be sure to let me know!


8 Responses to “New plugin: Dynamic Template”

  1. That is very cool!

    I have a question for you. Is there an easy way to hook into the pipeline when posting to a blog from WLW? For example, when I add an image in WLW and view source, I’ll see the following:

    href=”$Autumn Leaves[1].jpg”

    But when I actually post it, WLW uploads that file and then updates the HTML it posts to use the URL of the image. It’s after that point, before it actually sends the content, that I’d like to hook into to make a change.

    Is this possible?

  2. Sorry, not at the moment. However, we’re well aware of the potential of exposing a hook there. It’s very likely we’ll add that to the API in the future, but probably not until after we have exited beta.

  3. Thanks for answering! I’ll be looking forward to that.

  4. 4 Rob

    Hi Joe,
    Your awesome plugin has enabled me to create social bookmarking links easily on my Live Spaces blog, just thought I would let you know I have given you praise and credit in my explanatory post 🙂

    Thanks again for the great plugin, really useful!

  5. 5 Lili

    You had a super good instruction manuals to go with this plugin. What happened to that page for heavens sake. Not everybody likes to see video while following instructions, sometimes reading is better. Please bring it back.

  6. Hi Lili, it is here:

    (in the post it is linked under “find out _more_”)

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