Google scoops up Joe Gregorio


Joe is the original creator of AtomPub, and Google is using AtomPub as the foundation of most of their publishing APIs, so it makes a lot of sense that they’ve brought him aboard.

Google does a lot of smart things, but one of the smartest is figuring out what technologies they have a strategic interest in, and picking off the people behind those technologies: Guido van Rossum (Python), Ben Goodger (Firefox), Andrew Morton (Linux kernel), etc. Sure, all of the stuff those guys work on is open source so you don’t need to employ them to take advantage of their work. But open source projects, like all nontrivial software projects, are at least as much about people as they are about source code and Google definitely seems to grok that.

Microsoft isn’t clueless to this either–we picked up Jim Hugunin (IronPython) and John Lam (RubyCLR), two guys who were running open source projects to bring scripting languages to the .NET platform. But I think it happens less often because so much of our strategic technology comes from the inside.

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  1. Hi there, just dropping in to say thank you so much for your tip! I was more worried about the post disappearing, so I moved it like you said. I have uninstalled and reninstalled writer again.

    I have no knowledge whatsoever about computer aside from the basic one. But I think it might be me fooling around with an application called AireFreshener. I uninstalled it because I was not using it but for some reason the icon is still on my taskbar. Everytime I start the laptop I get a pop up saying something like invalid CSS or C++…er, Javascript…I can’t remember. Something along those lines. I have been trying to erase any leftover files from that program manually so I might have disturbed some important components on other programs! I don’t know for sure though, I just think MAYBE that is the reason.

    My Writer is not the only one affected, I have noticed that I’m having troubles with my Nokia PC Suite too. =( I have learnt my lesson, never mess with things I don’t understand again!

    Sorry this comment is unrelated to the post but I didn’t know how else to contact you to say thanks. Feel free to delete it after you’ve read it. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  2. “Sure, all of the stuff those guys work on is open source so you don’t need to employ them to take advantage of their work.” and by employing them Google ensures they get fed, so they can concentrate on the work they love.

    Wiki creator Ward Cunningham used to work for MS, but I heard he didn’t have an awesome experience.

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