Nikon D80 Breaks Cover


Amy and I bought our first DSLR, a Nikon D70, about a year and a half ago and we’ve both had such a good time taking pictures and learning about photography.

Overall, the D70 has been a wonderful tool for us. Like most of today’s DSLRs, it has no startup time and no shutter lag, and that’s crucial to getting good shots of children. The controls are all pretty convenient and reasonably intuitive. It has a reassuring solidity to it that I feel is somehow missing in competing cameras from other makers, from the feel of the chassis to the ka-thwapp of the shutter.

I have three main complaints about the D70:

  • Images taken at ISO 800 and above are pretty darn grainy.
  • The viewfinder is too small for my poor eyes to tell if the image is in focus.
  • The LCD is quite small by today’s standards. Even my parents’ pocket Casio has a much bigger screen.

It sounds like the D70’s recently announced successor, the D80, handily solves each of these problems, while also boosting resolution from 6 megapixels to 10.2 megapixels–a significant difference that gives you more freedom to crop. Not nearly enough to warrant an upgrade for us, but definitely worth taking a look at if you’re in the market.

Me, I’m still trying to figure out how to convince Amy that we need a D200… 🙂

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4 Responses to “Nikon D80 Breaks Cover”

  1. Joe give me your Wife’s email and I will tell her why you need a D200 and you can return the favour 🙂

  2. yeah, Nikon rocks!

  3. Hey Joe
    If I shot Nikon I would get the D200 knowing it would be my camera for the next five years easy. The canon camp is excited about an update to the 30d in the next six months. What that means for ME, though, is lower prices on the 30d when that sucessor is released.

    Anyway, love the pictures.

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